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  1. Zig

    Асоциация Дедов СНГ (АДСНГ)

  2. Zig

    New Forum Theme

    That's all I'm gonna do for tonight, I'll see what I can cook up tomorrow if any suggestions come in.
  3. Zig

    New Forum Theme

    Updated the borders on the nodes and also set node titles to have a quiet glow to them (I believe this only occurs with unread posts in forums).
  4. Zig

    New Forum Theme

    Currently working on an (optional) new forum theme for the website. Obviously don't mind that category image as it's a conceptual placeholder, but I thought the forums could use a new sleek look. I've made a lot of the elements have opacity to have some sort of fluidity to them. And yes- there...
  5. Zig

    Асоциация Дедов СНГ (АДСНГ)

    Are you the new russian changeloger
  6. Zig

    Flux: Schemas

    I think that HL2RP is a concept that we're currently pushing towards, but there's no official schemas that I think we'd like to comment on at this point, of course like @Mr. Meow stated we have plenty on our drawing board, just nothing that we'd liked to share to the public due to concepts and...
  7. Zig

    Hi, Lev.

    Hi, Lev.
  8. Zig

    I always had it, but I accepted it as my rank now.

    I always had it, but I accepted it as my rank now.
  9. Zig

    i know who u r and u will not be tolerated..

    i know who u r and u will not be tolerated..
  10. Zig

    Count to 100

  11. Zig

    Flux General Information

    Flux is a free gamemode framework that was designed and created to give developers and users an experience that is much better than the current frameworks and gamemodes that are currently available. Flux offers and continues to offer many great advancements, abilities, optimization, and much...
  12. Zig

    About Flux

    Thanks for the comments, since this framework is still being worked on and there's currently 0 servers running it, the forums are a bit dead and inactive. Hopefully they will light up when Flux is announced on various platforms like Steam and Facepunch. Yes, Flux continues to grow in size and...
  13. Zig

    What is Rework?

    Just a little update for the historical value of this thread-- Rework was originally our project name for this framework because it was in-fact a "re-work" of everything that Clockwork ever was, so with that being said it was decided to make that the temporary project name. Mr. Meow and I...
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    yeah we freaking suck
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    Count to 100

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    Paste your clipboard contents

    <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <link href="bootstrap.css" rel="stylesheet"> <link href="bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet"> <title>Teslacloud - Home</title> </head> <body> <nav class="navbar navbar-default"> <div class="container-fluid"> <!-- Brand and toggle get...
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    Hey Tyler, it's nice to have you on the forums, although I don't think this one is coming home on christmas, matter of fact I don't even think it's coming next christmas. Maybe. Real developers don't even need autorefresh.
  18. Zig

    Forum Rules

    These are the following rules to this forum, and are strictly to be followed on ALL boards unless specifically specified. If you fail to follow them, you may be punished. 1. Don't post whore a. Replying to all threads to increase postcount, spamming threads. ex. Yes, we know when you're doing...
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    hi mr. portal
  20. Zig

    im already loved here

    im already loved here