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  1. Zig

    New Forum Theme

    Currently working on an (optional) new forum theme for the website. Obviously don't mind that category image as it's a conceptual placeholder, but I thought the forums could use a new sleek look. I've made a lot of the elements have opacity to have some sort of fluidity to them. And yes- there...
  2. Zig

    Flux General Information

    Flux is a free gamemode framework that was designed and created to give developers and users an experience that is much better than the current frameworks and gamemodes that are currently available. Flux offers and continues to offer many great advancements, abilities, optimization, and much...
  3. Zig

    Forum Rules

    These are the following rules to this forum, and are strictly to be followed on ALL boards unless specifically specified. If you fail to follow them, you may be punished. 1. Don't post whore a. Replying to all threads to increase postcount, spamming threads. ex. Yes, we know when you're doing...
  4. Zig


    i actually made rework and designed it all and im actuall mr. meow and night angel put together rthteyre a chain of my secrete indetityies and they woirk like masks and i am the true creator of rework i wam the only one and one god i had to creat e100 perosnalities and zig is the 55th
  5. Zig


    hi i'm zig, i do stuff and other stuff and more stuff eventually someone really good at art is going to come on here and take one of my jobs whoever you are fuck you jk