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  1. Johnny

    I'm happy with my own sector

    Spanish sector, yeeey!!!! I'm alone. Adiós.
  2. Johnny

    About web

    Just, rip SSH of tesladev
  3. Johnny

    Flux: Schemas

    I thought that would be nice to know a list of actual schemas and planned schemas :D Edit: Maybe put this on Discussions?
  4. Johnny

    I'm crying

    I found the magic panel and I'm crying of laughing "Authorize MrMatew" sounds so funny xDD
  5. Johnny

    What do you think about... DEAD MATTER

    Apparently this game it's getting a considerable reputation and good opinions. What do you think about it guys? Also Johnny Guitar (Facepunch) is working in this game. I'm happy for him.
  6. Johnny

    About Flux

    You guys are doing a very good work From what I see in the changelogs. Keep it up! I'm excited to see with my own eyes Flux. (Matew, Meow, Zig)
  7. Johnny

    Hi, my name is... Slim Shady

    Well, there aren't many newest threads and I'm bored so... Hi all!!! (Sure Mr.Meow and maybe Zig xD) PS: I like the design of the forum.