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    [TC] Paid Resources

    Hello @Matew , I have purchased the product, can you please confirm my account?
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    [TC] Paygate: CoinPayments

    Thank you... I look forward to your update.
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    [TC] Paygate: CoinPayments

    Do you plan an update in the near future for this? I need this extension. :rolleyes:
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    [TC] Paygate: CoinPayments

    I just installed the plugin in my website. However, when I want to buy a product, I get the error shown in the picture below. XenForo version 2.1.0 What is a quick solution for this? Server error log: InvalidArgumentException: Passing in the "body" request option as an array to send a POST...
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    Payza paygate...!

    Hello there, I have no idea where to open the subject. Please move if it is in the wrong place. Almost all payment options are available here. But there is no Payza payment option. It will be a really useful add-on for countries where Paypal is not valid. About the Payza payment option Will...