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  1. Meow the Cat

    Discord Server

    We have a discord server now! Join here: https://discord.gg/yuZh3fg
  2. Meow the Cat

    Flux: Going Forward

    When we started working on the Flux project, we were three developers: Mr. Meow as the project lead, NightAngel as an amazing coder and Zig as the design supervisor. We set our goals in mind and did our best to make those goals real. Then we were two, once NightAngel has decided that she didn't...
  3. Meow the Cat

    Let's make a story

    Each reply is a new word in a story and once we hit 100 replies I'll compile it into a single continuous text. You may write comments if you prefix them with //. I'll start with my word: Once
  4. Meow the Cat

    What is Russian Sector

    Russian sector is a sector for Russian-speaking users to share their thoughts and discuss things related to Flux or anything really. IF YOU WANT A SECTOR WITH YOUR OWN LANGUAGE, PLEASE PM @Mr. Meow Русский раздел предназначен для русскоговорящих пользователей, чтобы можно было вести...
  5. Meow the Cat


    Anyone else play this game? I find it fun and relaxing, yet challenging and complicated at the same time. You can have fun by pushing everything while screaming "YOLO" or camp the hell out of everyone and come up with a way to get your so badly desired chicken dinner. Here are some screenshots I...
  6. Meow the Cat

    [Lua] FL Utility library

    We're releasing the utility library (the one we are using in Flux and our other projects) to the general public. You can get it here: GitHub - MrMe0w/fl-util: A utility library used throughout various projects of mine. It features the following functions: It also adds the following...
  7. Meow the Cat

    Rework has been renamed

    Hello! We have renamed Rework into Flux to avoid name confusion and because we liked the name better. We also think it better represents the project. We really hope you guys like the new name just as much as we do. Feel free to discuss this change here, in this topic.
  8. Meow the Cat

    1337 days since the foundation of TeslaCloud

    TeslaCloud was founded on 27th of June 2013, that is exactly 1337 days ago (from February 22nd 2017). It underwent a lot of changes during it's lifetime, varying from simple logo redesign to the occupation of the organization. It was originally planned as a simple gaming community but grew into...
  9. Meow the Cat

    Areas System: Area Tool

    The area tool allows administrators to create areas with a toolgun, better yet the ability to create more than squares. Areas can be used for several things and triggers, such as damage gas, area text, etc. The video demonstrates the tool itself in-use, not the things that it can be used for...
  10. Meow the Cat

    Flux General Discussion

    So, you may or may not have been following our progress on Flux. We're constantly working on it at this point and are willing to hear what you think of what we have so far, as well as hear what your suggestions are regarding the gamemode. Don't be shy to suggest anything, we have some crazy...
  11. Meow the Cat

    What is this sub-forum

    We will be posting topics showcasing existing Flux's features, experimental stuff and pretty much anything else we feel like showcasing. Stay tuned for more info.
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    Paste your clipboard contents

  13. Meow the Cat

    Hi, I'm admin here

    Hello, my name is Mr. Meow and I run these forums. I am a programmer who can do C++ and Lua. I enjoy coding just as much as I enjoy gaming. This is why my career choice is computer games programmer. I work on Rework and Garry's Mod addons, some of which are or will be on sale on ScriptFodder...
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    Support forum guidelines

    When posting to this section, please make sure to be as descriptive as possible. If you fail to properly describe the problems you are experiencing, we may be unable to assist you. You should also include your server's console log. You can obtain it by adding '-condebug' parameter to your...
  15. Meow the Cat

    Count to 100

    let's face it: we all saw this one coming 1