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These are the following rules to this forum, and are strictly to be followed on ALL boards unless specifically specified. If you fail to follow them, you may be punished.

1. Don't post whore
a. Replying to all threads to increase postcount, spamming threads.
ex. Yes, we know when you're doing it and it's quite obvious. You will be banned for it.

2. Don't shitpost
a. Posting useless and unconstructive content of any kind, this rule doesn't apply to the shitpost boards.
ex. "hahahahahahhahahahahahahahh *insert ifunny meme pic here*
3. Don't flame/troll
a. Posting messages specifically targeting users or trying to grab attention from others in a harmful manor.
ex. "Luna is a MLP loving faggot."
4. Don't post pornographic/shock/general disturbing images
a. Posting images that have nude/sexual content as well as gore/disturbing content.
ex. *insert dog puking and someone shitting image here*
5. Do not post links to leaks of any kind
a. Discussing them is okay, just don't share the links here.
ex. "Hey did you hear about this? Here's the link to the download."
6. Do not create multiple accounts
a. We will find them and they will be banned, both your main and alternative one(s).
ex. Not wanting to have consequences, so creating an alternative identity to yell at people on.
7. Use general common sense
a. Being smart, friendly, and intelligent in your responses to discussions of any kind.
ex. "Hey, that's a really good point! Here's why I disagree or why I don't think it's a good point!"
b. We're not saying there needs to be a reason for approvement or disapprovement, just put thought into your actual replies.
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