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Flux: Going Forward

Meow the Cat

will code for food
29 Авг 2016
When we started working on the Flux project, we were three developers: Mr. Meow as the project lead, NightAngel as an amazing coder and Zig as the design supervisor. We set our goals in mind and did our best to make those goals real.

Then we were two, once NightAngel has decided that she didn't want to work on Garry's Mod projects anymore. I was the only one who was writing any code for a while, until I met a few people who I can now safely call friends, who helped me with the project for a bit.

Then there was one, once I decided that I have had enough of this. A few minutes later there was zero, as the project was promptly dropped and released on GitHub.

Now I want to restart the project.

For the entire duration of the past month I have been working on a thing called Luna, which is a universal development framework that features a custom language syntax, package/dependency manager and a utility library. It's built on the principles of CoC (Convention over Configuration) and DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself), which should greatly benefit collaboration, as the code will have consistent look, no matter who is writing it.

I am currently nearing the release with the Luna project and a thought crossed my mind to actually port Flux to use it and continue from there. Using Luna with Flux means that it will be built on top of common principles and written in a different syntax.

If anyone is even reading this, I'd love to hear your feedback on this change. I will be sharing more details with you soon.

Stay cool.