[TC] Paid Resources

[TC] Paid Resources 1.1.10

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Aug 9, 2021

Firstly, I do not see that you had a license for this add-on, which means you could not download the last version.

If you mean the resource type "external url", then it is not supported. Otherwise, everything should work, since in the latest version of the add-on, such a bug is not observed. Maybe you are the author of the resource or do you have some kind of add-on that interferes with the download process?
Well I have the nulled version of the add-on and it's the latest

However, I've tested the bug myself and it downloads the file without purchase

Since basic of xenforo is to download the resource when /download is at end while the button of TC paid resources gives link of /purchase which can be overrided with the help of just adding /download in url.

1. Now look I didn't buy it

2. Putting /download at the end

3. And when u press enter:

Well I'm not abusing or saying u made a bad thing but I just wanted to aid a little bug so u might not face issues with ur sales😊👌


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Aug 9, 2021
@ThanosCrax, can you send a list of all installed add-ons? You can use screenshots.
[AnzahTools] Mass action in approval queue    1.0.1
[AP] Daily Goals    1.5.0
[bs] Visitor Panel    1.0.3
[cXF] Conversation Button    1.3.1
[cXF] Mobile Footer    1.0.0
[cXF] Replies and Views on thread view    1.0.1
[cXF] Staff bar enhancement    1.0.4
[cXF] Thread scroll enhancement    1.0.6
[DohTheme] RE-ME    1.1.0
[EAE] Thread Count    1.2.0
[Foro.agency] CloudFlare    2.0.2
[ForoAgency] Colored Username Everywhere    1.2.1
[Kirby] Font Awesome Manager    1.2.0 Release Candidate 3
[Liam W.] Conversation Folders    2.1.1 Fix 1
[Liam W] (RIP) Global Name Styling    2.0.3
[MMO] Hide Bb-Code Content System    2.2.3
[MMO] Navigation tab icons
[MMO] Resource Download Size Info    2.1.1
[MMO] Verified Badge    2.2.1
[MV] Robohash Avatars    1.1.0
[n] Coinbase Commerce Integration    1.0.2
[NOz] XFRM Resource Layouts    2.2.3
[OzzModz] ACP Usergroup Styling    2.0.1
[OzzModz] Admin Control Panel Improvements    1.1.0 3
[OzzModz] Admin Search Block On ACP Index    2.0.1
[OzzModz] Gif Avatar Permissions    1.0.1
[OzzModz] Lightning Bolt Link To New Posts    2.0.1
[OzzModz] Prefix Or Suffix Downloaded Attachments    2.0.1
[OzzModz] Quick Reply Button For Threads    2.0.1
[OzzModz] Style Chooser In Navigation Bar    2.0.1
[OzzModz] Usergoup View In ACP    2.0.0
[PB] Copy Link to Thread    1.0.0
[SC] Prefix Filter    1.0.0
[SVG] DemoDownloadVirusTotal
[TC] Paid Resources    1.1.10
[TC] Paygate: PayPal with Tax    1.0.1
[Telegram] Core    2.0.4
[Telegram] Notifications    2.0.0 Release Candidate 4
[TH] Content Creation Limits    1.0.0 Patch Level 2
[TH] Image Optimizer    1.2.0
[TH] Notices Plus    1.0.0
[TH] UI. X 2.2.0 Patch Level 2
[THEJAVASEA.COM] - Dynamic SEO Meta Keywords    1.0.1
[tl] Anonymous Posting    2.0.4
[tl] Post Reply    3.0.3
[tl] Profile Cover    2.0.2
[tl] Watermark    2.0.3
[UO] Expand Media Categories    1.1.0
[UW] Dropdown Hover Menu    2.0.0
[Xen-Soluce] Avatar Gallery    2.1.5
[Xen-Soluce] Predefined Tags    2.1.0
[Xenbros] Attachment Pro    1.0.0
[XenConcept] Minimum post length    2.0.4
[XenConcept] Captcha login    2.0.2
[XenGenTr] RM Ekstra    1.0.2
[XenGenTr] XenSticky thread    1.0.3
[XFA] Core    1.7.1
[XFA] Frequently Asked Questions    1.1.0
[XFA] RM Download from list    2.0.0
[XFA] Thread Template    2.0.1
[xFv] Animated Online Markers    1.0.0 Alpha
[XM] XenMake Style Properties    1.0.3
[XTR] AddOn Groups    1.0.0
[XTR] Random Tips    1.0.2
[XTR] Reputation System    1.0.0
ACP Extended    1.0.1
Admin statistics    1.4
Ads Manager    2.3.22
Approval queue tools    1.1
Browser Detection    2.2.0
Chat    2.1.20
Code    2.2.0
D.C Style - Attachment View    1.1.1
Delete profile posts    1.0
Disable Email and Password    1.0.0
DragonByte Credits
Editor & BB Code Manager    2.0.0
Group Icons    1.0.2
Image Attachment Cache Control    1.0.1
Insert attachment    1.8
Live forum statistics    1.2.1
Login as User (LAU2)    1.1.0.
Multi Prefix    2.8.14
Open Links in New Tab    1.0.0
Quick search    3.6
Redis Cache    2.10.4
Remove RSS    1.4
Remove two step verification    1.0
Resource Manager Stencil    1.0.0
Scheduled posting    1.1.3
Short profile links    1.2.4
Similar resources    1.9
Similar threads    7.9
Standard Library    1.8.0
Ultimate Custom Nodes
Upload Avatar From URL    1.0.2
XenForo Media Gallery    2.2.3
XenForo Resource Manager    2.2.3
XFRM resource statistics    1.2
XnForo.IR Dark AdminCP Style    2.2.5
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