What is Rework?

I keep hearing that it's like an alternative to clockwork, but I haven't heard much else. Like what are planned features for it? Will it work alongside certain CW plugins, does it allow easier bug tracking, etc.

I'm genuinely interested in the project and would love to see this turn into something.

Mr. Meow

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Rework is a roleplay framework that is being developed right now. It's written from scratch and will be completely free and DRM-less once it's released. It lacks any support for clockwork plugins, because it's architecture and code are completely different.
There are a lot of features planned and we will be showcasing them as soon as they are presentable.
It's currently in early development stage, you can track the development progress here: Rework Development


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Just a little update for the historical value of this thread--
Rework was originally our project name for this framework because it was in-fact a "re-work" of everything that Clockwork ever was, so with that being said it was decided to make that the temporary project name. Mr. Meow and I decided on Flux as the official releasing name of our framework considering it runs better than "Clockwork" and is fast as nuclear energy (as of now).