[TC] Move thread/post to trash

Moving threads and posts to the trash via inline moderation or thread options.

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The add-on allows you to move threads and posts to a forum specified as trash using thread options or inline moderation.

  • Moving threads to trash using thread options or inline moderation
  • Moving post to trash using inline moderation
    • Merging posts from different threads into one new one
      • A new thread will be created in the trash forum specified in the XenForo options. If not specified, no action will be taken
    • Creating new threads for posts of each thread
  • Alerting users when their threads/posts are moved to trash
  • Logging the movement of threads/posts to the trash by moderators
  • Setting a trash forum for a separate forum
  • Automatic deletion of threads from the trash
  • Display information about moving to the trash (if the user has permission to view the information)
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[TC] Move thread/post to trash
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