[TC] Developer Tools

XenForo add-on development tools.

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The add-on adds tools for XenForo developers to solve routine tasks.

  • General:
    • Enable / disable debugging
    • Enabling / disabling developer mode
    • Default add-on
  • Add-on create:
    • Values for addon.json:
    • Developer (dev)
    • Developer URL (dev_url)
    • FAQ URL (faq_url)
    • Support URL (support_url)
    • Additional URLs (extra_urls)
    • Requirements (require)
    • Icon
    • Directory with additional files: files from this directory will be copied to the add-on directory during its creation
    • README.md: template for the file README.md, which will be added to the root directory of the add-on during its creation. There are {placeholders} available, which will be replaced with the corresponding properties XF\AddOn\AddOn or addon.json (only scalar types are supported)

  • tc-dt:addon:create: this command performs the same functions as the standard xf-addon:create, but uses the settings from the «Add-on create» group described above.

The functionality of the add-on will expand. Suggestions are welcome.

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[TC] Developer Tools
PHP 7.1+ XenForo 2.1+
XenForo version
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
  3. 2.3
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