[TC] Member Reactions [Add-ons]


A new product by IlyaPep is available: [TC] Member reactions 1.0.0 - List of received reactions of users.

[TC] Member reactions 1.0.0


This add-on allows you to view reactions received from users on your forum by adding links to the number of reactions in the postbit and user statistics. You can grant viewing permissions only to the necessary groups, for example, only to moderators and administrators, thereby protecting user privacy. Additionally, this add-on should help you better understand what your users like and create more effective content.

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IlyaPep обновил(а) продукт [TC] Member Reactions.

[TC] Member Reactions 1.0.1

Описание обновления

Three new widgets, one of which was previously in the [TC] Most reacted post of member, it is now part of this addon. As well as refactoring.

Три новых виджета, один из которых ранее был в [TC] Most reacted post of member, теперь он является частью данного плагина. А также рефакторинг.

Список изменений

New widgets:
  1. The user post with the most amount of specific reactions;
  2. A counter of the reactions received by the user;
  3. A counter of the reactions issued by the user;
Refactoring was also performed.

Новые виджеты:
  1. Пост пользователя с наибольшим количеством конкретной реакции;
  2. Счётчик полученных пользователем реакций;
  3. Счётчик выданных пользователем реакций;
Также был проведён рефакторинг.

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[TC] Member Reactions
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